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Honda Camshaft, In, part #14110-RZA-000
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number: 14110-RZA-000
  • Part: Camshaft, In
  • Replaces: 14110-RZD-H00
  • Price: $478.01

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2007HondaCR-V 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEX (2WD), EX (4WD), EX-L (2WD NAV), EX-L (2WD), EX-L (4WD NAV), EX-L (4WD), LX (2WD), LX (4WD)
2008HondaCR-V 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEX (2WD), EX (4WD), EX-L (2WD NAV), EX-L (2WD), EX-L (4WD NAV), EX-L (4WD), LX (2WD), LX (4WD)
2009HondaCR-V 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEX (2WD), EX (4WD), EX-L (2WD NAV), EX-L (2WD), EX-L (4WD NAV), EX-L (4WD), LX (2WD), LX (4WD)

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
SYJJ91516-SK7-013 + Clip, Cover (Lower)$4.32
SYJS91560-SH3-003ZQ + Clip, Roof Lining (8MM) *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$3.16
SYJ291635-SE0-003 + Grommet, Screw (5MM)$2.98
SYJL91526-SM4-004 + Holder, Rear Windshield (Lower)$3.91
SYJG91503-SP0-003 + Clip A, Bumper$3.61
SYJC91326-PF4-004 + O-Ring (24.4X2.4) (Nok)$2.32
SYJQ91550-SH3-003ZT + Clip, Rear Panel Lining *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$0.56
SYJ690670-SG0-003 + Grommet, Screw (4MM)$0.43
SYJR91552-SH5-003ZF + Clip, Rear Side Lining *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$2.73
SYJN91550-S10-013 + Clip, Ring Pull$4.43
SYJY91570-SHJ-305 + Clip, Front$8.15
SYJK91523-SM4-003 + Clip, Washer Tube$0.48
SYJD91352-SA5-952 + O-Ring (7.8X1.9) (Nok)$1.62
SYJP91550-SH3-003YT + Clip, Rear Panel Lining *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$2.82
SYJ591625-SM4-004 + Grommet, Center Pillar Garnish(Upper)$2.00
SYJV91564-PEA-000 + Clip, Radiator Seal$2.58
SYJ891634-SM4-000ZA + Cap, Rear Panel Lining *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$6.00
SYJ391604-SD2-013 + Grommet, Hood Stay$0.43
SYJI91533-SR4-000 + Fastener D, Windshield Glass$11.36
SYJE19513-PE0-003 + Clamp, Water Hose (21.7MM) (Chuo Spring)$5.57
SYJO91550-SH3-003ZR + Clip, Rear Panel Lining *NH1L* (Black)$3.07
SYJW91567-SR2-013 + Clip$2.79
SYJT91560-SH3-003ZG + Clip, Roof Lining (8MM) *YR126L* (Natural Beige)$3.16
SYJZ91570-SWA-305 + Clip A, Front Side Garnish (Service)$5.57
SYJ990676-SA7-003 + Grommet, Screw (5MM) (Black)$2.93
SYJ791633-SM4-A00ZA + Plug, Belt Hole *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$6.00
SYJA91314-PH7-003 + O-Ring (31.2X4.1) (Nok)$2.32
SYJF19511-PA6-003 + Clip, Water Hose (Chuo Spring)$6.79
SYJU91563-S2A-013 + Stabilizer, Door Molding$15.68
SYJ191594-S5A-A32 + Joint, Pressure Sensor$10.87
SYJ491613-S84-A01 + Grommet, Rear Sub-Frame$13.57
SYJB91316-PE7-730 + O-Ring (62.4X3.1)$3.46
SYJX04734-SX0-000 + Fastener Set, Windshield$10.29
SYJM91549-P1E-003 + Clip, Air In Cover$3.19
SYJ091571-SWA-305 + Clip B, Front Side Garnish (Service)$5.57
SYJH91512-SM4-003 + Clip, Fender (Inner)$1.51
SYSJ06450-S5D-A01 + Pad Set, Front (W/O Shim)$56.22
SYSS06536-S04-515RM + Power Steering Rack, Core ID (S04-A5) (RMD)(American Showa)$583.49
SYS206770-SV4-A90ZA + Airbag Assembly, Driver *NH1L* (Morton) (Black)$902.94
SYSL06452-S87-506RM + Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Front (RMD)$110.80
SYSG43022-S9A-A01 + Pad Set, Rear$54.84
SYSC06421-S3V-A04 + Sensor Assembly, TPMS$87.99
SYSQ06531-SJC-A01 + Seal Kit A, Power Steering (Rotary Valve)$49.02
SYS606772-S30-305 + SRS Unit Kit$686.84
SYSR06531-SDA-A02 + Seal Kit A, Power Steering (Rotary Valve)$35.55
SYSN06452-SM5-505RM + Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Front (RMD)$110.80
SYSY76500-S5A-A00 + Wiper Motor Assembly$83.44
SYSK06452-S0X-505RM + Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Front (RMD)$110.80
SYSD06421-SCV-A00 + Sensor Assembly, TPMS$72.77
SYSP06453-SW5-505RM + Caliper Sub-Assembly, L Front (RMD)$98.95
SYS506770-SV4-A91ZA + Airbag Assembly, Driver *NH1L* (Morton) (Black)$902.94
SYSV06536-S9V-506RM + Power Steering Rack, Core ID Or (S9V-V3) (S9V-A0) (RMD)$503.56
SYS806772-SX0-A70 + Kit, Unit SRS$736.81
SYS306770-SR4-A82ZH + Airbag Assembly, Inflator *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$714.17
SYSI06432-SV5-505RM + Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Rear (RMD)$177.26
SYSE06422-S9V-A02 + Valve Assembly, TPMS$17.08
SYSO06452-SR3-506RM + Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Front (RMD)$110.80
SYSW06536-SV7-505RM + Power Steering Rack, Core ID (SV7-A0) (RMD)(American Showa)$565.79
SYST06536-S5P-505RM + Power Steering Rack, Core ID (S5P-B1) (Y3) (RMD)$438.73
SYSZ06770-S01-A81ZA + Airbag Assembly, Driver *NH178L* (Excel Charcoal)$714.17
SYS906780-S01-A91ZB + Airbag Assembly, Passenger *YR164L* (Morton) (Medium Taupe)$779.71
SYS706772-SV7-A80 + SRS Unit Kit$736.81
SYSA06350-S2A-A04ZA + Cylinder Set *NH167L*$579.83
SYSF06432-SR3-505RM + Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Rear (RMD)$175.51
SYSU06536-SCV-505RM + Power Steering Rack, Core ID Scv-Cv High Mount No Rack Ends (RMD)$657.78
SYS106770-SDN-A91ZA + Airbag Assembly, Driver *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$832.94
SYS406770-SS0-A90ZB + Airbag Assembly, Inflator *NH167L* (Morton) (Graphite Black)$690.03
SYSB06350-SCV-A21ZA + Cylinder Set, Key *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$316.78
SYSX06561-P8C-505RM + Power Steering Pump, Core ID (P8C-A0) (RMD)(American Showa)$457.07
SYSM06452-S84-505RM + Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Front (RMD)$110.80
SYS006770-SDB-A91ZA + Airbag Assembly, Driver *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$832.94
SYSH43018-SDA-A00RM + Caliper Sub-Assembly, R Rear (RMD)$177.26
SY2J81526-SWA-A12 + Frame, L Front Seat$1,159.04
SY2S81531-S80-G62ZA + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *NH264L* (Leather) (Classy Gray)$351.48
SY2281532-S2A-013 + Pad & Frame, L Front Seat Cushion$341.97
SY2L81528-SNB-J12ZC + Cover, L Front Seat-Back *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory)$90.36
SY2G81526-SDA-A43 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$849.42
SY2C81522-S5D-A01 + Pad Assembly, L Front Seat-Back$317.98
SY2Q81531-S0X-A01ZC + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$195.03
SY2681536-S2A-013 + Frame, L Front Seat Cushion$161.91
SY2R81531-S3Y-J02ZG + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *YR232L* (Dark Titanium)$288.13
SY2N81528-SWA-A02ZA + Cover, L Front Seat-Back *NH598L* (Atlas Gray)$106.49
SY2Y81531-SHJ-A42ZA + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *G64L* (Leather) (Olive)$367.46
SY2K81527-SJC-305 + Pad, L Front$494.21
SY2D81523-SJC-305 + Pad, L Front$535.08
SY2P81531-S02-A12ZB + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *NH264L* (Classy Gray)$189.86
SY2581534-SHJ-A42 + Heater, L Front Cushion$134.62
SY2V81531-S9A-A11ZA + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$271.76
SY2881536-S5P-A72 + Frame, L Front Seat$908.45
SY2381532-S82-A12 + Pad & Frame, R Front Seat Cushion$337.05
SY2I81526-SNA-A14 + Frame, L Front Seat$999.41
SY2E81526-S84-A83 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back (Tsu)$219.62
SY2O81531-S01-A02ZB + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *YR164L* (Medium Taupe)$193.05
SY2W81531-S9V-A32ZB + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *NH361L* (Leather) (Gray)$553.44
SY2T81531-S84-T01ZC + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *YR169L* (Ts Tech) (Mild Beige)$215.33
SY2Z81531-SNE-A02ZA + Cover, L Front Seat Cushion Trim *NH598L* (Atlas Gray)$200.61
SY2981538-S0X-A21ZA + Boot, L Reclining *G49L* (Johnson) (Light Fern Green)$67.82
SY2781536-S5A-A12 + Frame, L Front Seat Cushion$1,228.75
SY2A81522-S0X-A01 + Pad & Frame, L Front Seat-Back$489.57
SY2F81526-S9A-J12 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$309.25
SY2U81531-S87-C61ZA + Cover, L Front Cushion Trim *B95L* (Leather)(Ts Tech) (Lapis)$478.17
SY2181532-S0X-A01 + Pad & Frame, L Front Seat Cushion$180.92
SY2481534-SDA-A05 + Heater, L Front Seat Cushion (Ts Tech)$258.73
SY2B81522-S5P-A01 + Pad Assembly, L Front Seat-Back$320.27
SY2X81531-SDA-A45ZA + Cover, L Front Cushion Trim *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$148.49
SY2M81528-SNA-A02ZB + Cover, L Front Seat-Back *YR327L* (Pearl Ivory)$147.74
SY2081531-SYE-A02ZA + Trim Cover L *NH598L*$239.23
SY2H81526-SDB-A73 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$1,097.04