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Honda Ring Set, Piston, part #13011-PK1-751
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number: 13011-PK1-751
  • Part: Ring Set, Piston
  • Replaces: 13011-PK1-003, 13011-PK1-004
  • Price: $35.49

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
1988HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual2.0S, 2.0SI, 2.0SI (4WS)
1989HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual2.0S, 2.0SI, 2.0SI (4WS)
1990HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual2.0S, 2.0SI
1991HondaPRELUDE COUPE4 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed Manual2.0SI

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SKJV71593-SNA-A02 + Spacer, R Rear Bumper Side$5.23
SKJ872110-SH5-G04 + Lock Assembly, R Front Door (Hondalock)$39.46
SKJ372110-S5P-A02 + Lock Assembly R, Front$55.17
SKJI71501-S10-A91 + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$282.03
SKJE71170-S5A-A21 + Absorber, Front Bumper$76.70
SKJO71530-SDA-A01ZZ + Beam, Rear Bumper$166.81
SKJW71598-S30-013 + Spacer Assembly, Rear Bumper Side$2.58
SKJT71570-SM4-A02 + Absorber, Rear Bumper$77.87
SKJZ71800-S9A-010 + Garnish Assembly, R Side Sill$159.27
SKJ972110-SM2-A12 + Lock Assembly, R Front Passive Belt$236.72
SKJ772110-SDA-A32 + Lock Assembly, R Front Door (Manual)$39.89
SKJA71145-SX0-A02 + Base, Front License Plate$33.90
SKJF71170-SM5-A02 + Absorber, Front Bumper$62.07
SKJU71570-SVA-A01 + Absorber, Rear Bumper$67.85
SKJ171969-SA7-890 + Wrench, Sunroof$11.14
SKJ472110-S5P-A22 + Lock Assembly R, Front$73.40
SKJB71150-SM4-315 + Extension, R Front Bpr$60.81
SKJX71598-SL4-013 + Spacer, Bumper Side$2.98
SKJM71530-S5D-A00ZZ + Beam, Rear Bumper$150.50
SKJ071800-SY8-A00 + Garnish Assembly, R Side Sill$207.23
SKJH71193-SNA-A02 + Spacer, R Front Bumper Side$1.43
SKSJ76200-SDA-A03 + Mirror Assembly, R Door (Lever)$170.79
SKSS76220-SHJ-A02ZA + Garnish, R Door Mirror *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$24.13
SKS276505-S6M-A01 + Motor, Front Wiper$324.34
SKSL76200-SR1-A16 + Mirror Assembly, R Door (R.C.)$260.94
SKSG75833-SA5-003ZD + Armrest, L Front Door *NH40L* (Grace Gray)$59.88
SKSC75813-SB4-672ZA + Protector, R Rear Door *NH78* (Bumper Gray)$30.50
SKSQ76203-SM2-C25 + Mirror, R (1400 C)$47.45
SKS676505-SJC-A02 + Motor, Front Wiper$92.62
SKSR76210-S2A-013 + Actuator Set, R$104.01
SKSN76203-S5D-A01 + Mirror, R (1400R)$28.44
SKSY88148-SE0-003 + Bolt, Lock (6X7) (Matsuyama)$3.47
SKSK76200-SDA-A13ZG + Mirror Assembly, R Door *R522P* (R.C.) (Royal Ruby Red Pearl)$237.88
SKSD75818-SA6-672 + Protector, L Rear Door$30.84
SKSP76203-SHJ-A12 + Mirror Sub-Assembly, R (R1400)$18.31
SKS576500-S5A-A00 + Wiper Motor Assembly$83.44
SKSV76250-SR0-A16 + Mirror Assembly, L Door (R.C.)$217.08
SKS876524-SE0-013 + Dust Seal$4.65
SKS376505-S9V-A02 + Motor, Front Wiper$151.48
SKSI76200-S3Y-A01ZD + Mirror Assembly, R Door *NH630M*(R.C.) (Silverstone Metallic)$296.12
SKSE75823-SA5-922 + Molding, R Front$75.93
SKSO76203-SDA-A11 + Mirror, R (R1400)$37.41
SKSW76250-SV5-A06ZC + Mirror Assembly, L Door *NH538* (R.C.) (Frost White)$241.02
SKST76236-SB4-003 + Channel, L Rear Door Run$36.71
SKSZ76430-SH4-004ZH + Mirror & Stay, Rear-view *NH167L* (Day/Night) (Graphite Black)$109.47
SKS976530-S9A-A01 + Link, Front Wiper$129.02
SKS776574-S01-A07 + Motor (Itt Automotive)$230.18
SKSA75800-SB6-661 + Molding Assembly, R Front Door$31.47
SKSF75828-SB4-000ZB + Lid, R Door Speaker *NH67L* (Dew Gray)$28.24
SKSU76250-SM1-C26ZM + Mirror Assembly, L Door *BG30P* (R.C.) (Arcadia Green Pearl)$234.93
SKS176505-S00-A01 + Motor, Front Wiper$239.23
SKS476505-S84-A01 + Motor, Front Wiper$245.98
SKSB75800-SM4-013 + Splash Guard, R Front$48.63
SKSX76401-SH1-A01 + Base, Stay (Donnelly)$24.15
SKSM76200-SV5-A05ZG + Mirror Assembly, R Door *G77M* (R.C.) (Sage Green Metallic)$241.27
SKS076510-SWA-003 + Harness Assembly, Front Wiper Motor$21.52
SKSH76200-S0X-A02ZF + Mirror Assembly, R Door *G501M* (R.C.) (Fern Metallic)$258.60
SK2J80110-SDR-A02 + Condenser$426.58
SK2S80210-SM1-A25 + Evaporator Sub-Assembly (Sam)$238.61
SK2280225-SR3-010 + Clamp$5.72
SK2L80115-S3Y-010 + Seal, Condenser$14.43
SK2G80110-S01-A11 + Condenser (Sam)$197.62
SK2C80101-S9A-013 + Filter Sub-Assembly$60.71
SK2Q80201-SR3-A02 + Case, Evaporator (Upper)$44.13
SK2680287-SR3-000 + Seal, Evaporator (Outer)$15.31
SK2R80210-SH3-A11 + Evaporator Sub-Assembly (Modien)$326.05
SK2N80152-SR3-013 + Fan, Cooling (Mitsuba)$41.70
SK2Y80220-SDE-T01 + Valve Assembly, Expansion$53.71
SK2K80110-SV7-A21 + Condenser (Showa)$183.81
SK2D80101-SFE-003 + Filter Sub-Assembly$57.25
SK2P80201-SR3-A10 + Case, Evaporator (Upper)$43.67
SK2580271-SDA-A11 + Hose, Drain$4.08
SK2V80211-S6D-G12 + Evaporator Assembly$264.94
SK2880291-SCA-E11 + Frame, Filter (A)$19.13
SK2380225-SHJ-A02 + Evaporator Assembly$636.81
SK2I80110-SDA-A02 + Condenser$221.80
SK2E80110-S9A-013 + Condenser$374.40
SK2O80177-SR3-003 + Mount, Condenser (Lower)$10.87
SK2W80215-S2A-315 + Evaporator Kit$387.82
SK2T80211-SV1-305 + Evaporator$306.22
SK2Z80220-S84-A02 + Valve Assembly, Expansion (10N) (Fuji Koki America)$75.66
SK2980291-ST3-515 + Element, Filter$15.64
SK2780290-SDA-A01 + Filter Assembly, Air Conditioner$28.73
SK2A80100-S87-A00 + Condenser Assembly (Showa)$161.57
SK2F80175-SE0-000 + Mount, Condenser$4.13
SK2U80210-SR1-A12 + Evaporator Sub-Assembly (Modine)$283.20
SK2180221-STX-A41 + Valve Sub-Assembly, Expansion$11.82
SK2480271-S9A-000 + Hose, Drain$5.87
SK2B80100-SE0-A1A + Condenser Assembly (Modine)$293.18
SK2X80215-SHJ-A02 + Evaporator Sub-Assembly$272.90
SK2M80151-SR3-013 + Motor, Cooling Fan$183.65
SK2080221-SHJ-A02 + Valve Sub-Assembly, Expansion$15.93
SK2H80110-SDB-A62 + Condenser$221.80