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Honda Arm Assembly, Rocker, part #14620-PWC-010
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number: 14620-PWC-010
  • Part: Arm Assembly, Rocker
  • Replaces: 14620-RME-A00
  • Price: $259.36

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2007HondaFIT 5-DOOR5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualBASE, SPORT
2008HondaFIT 5-DOOR5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualBASE, SPORT
2011HondaCR-Z HATCHBACK6 Speed Manual, VariableBASE, EX, EX (NV)
2012HondaCR-Z HATCHBACK6 Speed Manual, VariableBASE, EX, EX (NV)
2013HondaCR-Z HATCHBACK6 Speed Manual, VariableBASE, EX, EX (NAVI)
2014HondaCR-Z HATCHBACK6 Speed Manual, VariableBASE, EX, EX (NAVI)
2015HondaCR-Z HATCHBACK6 Speed Manual, VariableBASE, EX, EX (NAVI)
2016HondaCR-Z HATCHBACK6 Speed Manual, VariableEX, EX-L (NAVI), LX

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
S5JJ17380-S5A-A32 + Module, Fuel Vent$80.56
S5JS17500-SCV-A31 + Tank, Fuel$409.01
S5J217521-SM1-030 + Band Assembly, R Fuel Tank Mounting$44.10
S5JL17500-S0X-305 + Tank Comp, Fuel$789.25
S5JG17371-SM4-A02 + Valve (Two-Way) (Tec)$57.51
S5JC17315-P5K-000 + Clamp, Air Flow Tube (74)$9.40
S5JQ17500-S5A-A35 + Tank, Fuel$1,930.19
S5J617542-S5W-A00ZZ + Plate Comp Fuel Join$116.78
S5JR17500-SCA-A31 + Tank, Fuel$5,192.23
S5JN17500-SS0-505 + Set, Fuel Tank Com$486.98
S5JY17519-S5A-940 + Protector, Fuel Tank$58.05
S5JK17500-S02-L01 + Tank, Fuel$439.19
S5JD17315-SCV-A02 + Filter, Dust$106.98
S5JP17500-S2A-505 + Tank, Fuel$425.88
S5J517525-SR3-305 + Bolt$3.77
S5JV17500-SX0-A31 + Tank, Fuel$659.46
S5J817549-SHJ-A01 + Tube Set, Float Vent Shut Valve$122.51
S5J317522-SDR-L31 + Band, L Fuel Tank Mounting$34.07
S5JI17378-S3Y-010 + Stay, Dust Filter$18.13
S5JE17315-SDA-A02 + Filter, Dust$114.29
S5JO17500-S3Y-505 + Tank, Fuel$364.39
S5JW17516-S84-A01 + Filter Set, Fuel Pump$28.11
S5JT17500-SDA-A03 + Tank, Fuel$309.18
S5JZ17520-SDR-A31 + Bracket, Rear Connector$7.35
S5J917551-S0X-A52 + Valve, Vent Shut (Orvr)$121.40
S5J717548-SHJ-A31 + Tube Set, Vent Return$25.30
S5JA17310-S84-L31 + Valve, Canister Vent Shut (Made In Mexico)$71.65
S5JF17371-S0X-A02 + Valve (Two-Way)$60.86
S5JU17500-SDC-L03 + Tank, Fuel$523.00
S5J117521-S5A-931 + Band, Fuel Tank Mounting$58.78
S5J417525-S04-A00 + Bolt, R Fuel Tank Mounting$7.13
S5JB17311-SDC-L02 + Valve Assembly, Canister Vent Shut$147.39
S5JX17519-S2A-A32 + Protector, Fuel Tank$124.28
S5JM17500-S10-L02 + Tank, Fuel$524.98
S5J017521-S0X-A01 + Band, R Front Fuel Tank Mounting$340.04
S5JH17376-S84-A02 + Valve, One-Way$16.71
S5SJ83230-SLN-A02ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, R *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$66.97
S5SS83250-SDA-A02ZC + Console Assembly, Roof *G64L* (Olive)$40.90
S5S283280-SDB-A02ZB + Sun-visor*YR239L*$142.11
S5SL83230-SWA-A82ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, R *NH643L* (Mirror) (Light Gray)$88.13
S5SG83230-S9A-A02ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, R *YR204L* (Mirror) (Light Saddle)$100.46
S5SC83230-S5A-A12ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, R *NH220L* (Mirror) (Clear Gray)$111.75
S5SQ83250-SDA-A02ZB + Console Assembly, Roof *YR239L* (Ivory)$40.90
S5S683280-SWA-A83ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH643L* (Mirror) (Light Gray)$88.13
S5SR83250-SDA-A02ZE + Console, Roof*Y240L*$40.90
S5SN83240-SH3-000YG + Grab Rail *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$25.25
S5SY83280-S01-A32ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH220L* (Mirror) (Clear Gray)$135.51
S5SK83230-SWA-A83ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, R *NH302L* (Mirror) (Pale Quartz)$88.13
S5SD83230-S5D-A02ZC + Sun-visor Assembly, R *NH293L* (Mirror) (Seagull Gray)$128.97
S5SP83250-S0X-A22ZA + Console Assembly, Roof *G50L* (Light Fern)$409.77
S5S583280-SWA-A83ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH302L* (Mirror) (Pale Quartz)$88.13
S5SV83256-SDA-A02 + Cam Set, Lock$1.47
S5S883299-S84-A02ZB + Hanger, Coat *NH302L* (Pale Quartz)$6.98
S5S383280-SDB-A02ZA + Sun-visor*NH220L*$142.11
S5SI83230-SDB-A02ZA + Sun-visor *NH220L*$142.11
S5SE83230-S84-A03ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, R *B96L* (Mirror) (Light Lapis)$109.10
S5SO83244-S9V-A01 + Bracket, Second Grab Rail$12.34
S5SW83260-SCV-A02ZA + Garnish Assembly, Rear Roof *NH220L* (Clear Gray)$32.63
S5ST83250-SDA-A02ZG + Console Assembly, Roof *YR309L* (Light Beige)$40.90
S5SZ83280-S10-A04ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH220L* (Mirror) (Clear Gray)$102.09
S5S983301-SCV-A30ZA + Carpet Assembly, Front Floor *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$382.65
S5S783280-SX0-A01ZC + Sun-visor Assembly, L *YR169L* (Mild Beige)$134.94
S5SA83230-S30-A14ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, R *YR169L* (Mirror) (Mild Beige)$72.10
S5SF83230-S84-A03ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, R *NH302L* (Mirror) (Pale Quartz)$121.40
S5SU83250-SLJ-J03ZC + Console Assembly, Roof *NH302L* (Pale Quartz)$84.94
S5S183280-S9A-A02ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, L *YR204L* (Mirror) (Light Saddle)$100.46
S5S483280-SLN-A02ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH220L* (Mirror) (Clear Gray)$91.48
S5SB83230-S5A-A02ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, R *NH220L* (Mirror) (Clear Gray)$111.75
S5SX83270-S9A-A02 + Pad, L Front Roof Side$18.31
S5SM83240-S5A-J01ZE + Grab Rail Assembly *YR239L* (Ivory)$29.33
S5S083280-S9A-A02ZA + Sun-visor Assembly, L *NH425L* (Mirror) (Light Seagull Gray)$100.46
S5SH83230-S9A-A81ZB + Sun-visor Assembly, R *YR239L* (Mirror) (Ivory)$100.46
S52J74500-SXS-A00 + Extension, Dashboard (Upper)$452.41
S52S80102-SVA-A12 + Condenser$199.08
S52281526-SWA-N52 + Frame, L Front Seat-Back$1,159.04
S52L76632-STK-A02 + Rubber, Blade (400MM)$5.48
S52G76505-TK4-A01 + Motor, Front Wiper$118.49
S52C74890-SVA-A21ZE + Garnish Assembly, Rear License *NH700M* (Alabaster Silver Metallic)$108.78
S52Q78875-S9V-A80 + Module Assembly, L Side Curtain Airbag$768.31
S52682521-SVA-A52ZA + Cover, L Rear Seat-Back Trim *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$338.22
S52R79611-SWA-A41ZA + Knob, Dial *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$48.66
S52N77312-SNA-A12ZA + Pocket, Center *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$102.06
S52Y81134-SWA-952 + Heater, Front Seat Cushion$224.24
S52K76623-SNA-A12 + Rubber, Blade (575MM)$5.48
S52D72850-SNE-A01 + Weatherstrip, L Rear Door$46.84
S52P79500-SNA-C03ZA + Control Assembly, Heater *NH608L* (Gun Metallic)$183.41
S52582180-SNE-A32ZA + Armrest Assembly, Rear Seat Center*NH598L* (Leather) (Atlas Gray)$165.96
S52V79604-SWA-A41ZA + Panel *NH167L* (Temp) (Graphite Black)$14.76
S52801464-TA0-A01 + Hose Set, R Front$24.31
S52381528-SXS-A52ZB + Cover, L Front Seat-Back *NH642L* (Indigo Black)$202.48
S52I76620-SNA-A12 + Blade, Wsw (650MM)$29.66
S52E72810-SXS-A01 + Weatherstrip, R Rear Door$43.57
S52O78220-SNA-A05 + Meter Assembly (Ns)$290.47
S52W81121-SNE-A33ZA + Cover, R Front Seat-Back Trim *NH598L* (Side Airbag)(Leather) (Atlas Gray)$363.05
S52T8-98013-014-0 + Switch Oil Pressure$31.68
S52Z81134-SWA-A52 + Heater, R Front Seat Cushion$224.24
S52904603-TA5-A00ZZ + Cross-member Set, Front Bulkhead (Lower)$135.74
S52784541-SNE-A01 + Box, Tool$19.84
S52A72965-SWA-A02 + Molding, L Rear Door Sash$67.20
S52F76505-SNA-A02 + Motor, Front Wiper$90.36
S52U80315-SWA-A02 + Hose, Discharge$111.42
S52181140-SVA-A12ZA + Headrest Assembly, Front *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$148.49
S52482131-SVA-A52ZA + Cover, Rear Seat Cushion Trim *NH167L* (Leather) (Graphite Black)$365.21
S52B76200-SNE-A22ZH + Mirror Assembly, R Door *B537M* (R.C.)(Heated) (Neutron Blue Metallic)$176.52
S52X81128-SNE-A11ZA + Cover, R Front Seat-Back *NH598L* (Atlas Gray)$149.99
S52M77315-SWA-A12ZA + Lid Assembly, Driver Inside *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$53.62
S52081140-SNE-A33ZA + Headrest Assembly, Front *NH598L* (Leather) (Atlas Gray)$125.24
S52H72355-SNA-A02ZC + Seal, L Front Dr$76.28