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Honda Panel, R Side Sill, part #04631-SDA-305ZZ
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number: 04631-SDA-305ZZ
  • Part: Panel, R Side Sill
  • Replaces: 04631-SDA-A90ZZ, 04631-SDA-306ZZ
  • Price: $655.36

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2003HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX, EX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), EXL, EXL (NAVI), LX, LX (SIDE SRS), LX (V6)
2004HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX, EX (SIDE CURTAIN), EX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), EXL (NAVI), EXL (SIDE CURTAIN), LX, LX (SIDE SRS), LX (V6)
2005HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, DX (VALUE PACKAGE), EX, EX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), EXL, EXL (NAVI), LX, LX (V6)

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JYN853436-S04-J51 + Cushion B, Power Steering Rack$7.35
JYN353325-SM4-003 + Clip A, Joint Cover$5.42
JYNI52611-S5A-A02 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$145.53
JYNE52611-S04-N01 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$143.35
JYNO52611-SDB-A02 + Shock Absorber Unit, Rear$158.54
JYNW53200-SF1-A03 + Column Assembly, Steering (Left-hand)$359.28
JYNT53010-S9V-A01 + End Set, Rack$51.29
JYNZ53235-SA5-010 + Ring, Column Cover$5.11
JYN953436-SV4-010 + Cushion B, Gear Box$10.50
JYN753434-SD9-000 + Clip, Tie Rod$1.25
JYNA52610-S5T-A04 + S/ABS Assembly, R Rear$349.93
JYNF52611-S2A-A04 + Shock Absorber Unit, R Rear$301.93
JYNU52748-S84-A02 + Cover, Rear Mount Dust (Lower)$11.46
JYN153323-S04-003 + Joint B, Steering$104.77
JYN453414-S01-A51 + Screw, Rack Guide$12.52
JYNB52610-SDB-A03 + Shock Absorber Assembly, Rear$450.71
JYNX53210-SH5-000 + Column, Steering$77.53
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JYN053320-SHJ-L00 + Cover, Steering Joint (Left-hand)$44.03
JYNH52611-S5A-306 + S/ABS Unit, Rear$145.53
JYYJ71150-SM4-315 + Extension, R Front Bpr$60.81
JYYS71505-S5A-000 + Bracket, R Rear Bumper Side$8.17
JYY271570-SVA-A01 + Absorber, Rear Bumper$67.85
JYYL71170-S5D-A01 + Absorber, Front Bumper$67.70
JYYG71144-SR3-A00 + Grommet, Bumper Side$1.28
JYYC71140-S2A-010ZZ + Beam, Front Bumper (Upper)$60.48
JYYQ71501-S10-A91 + Face, Rear Bumper (DOT)$282.03
JYY671720-SVB-A00ZF + Spoiler Set, Trunk *NH700M* (Alabaster Silver Metallic)$775.42
JYYR71501-SE0-010 + Face, Rear Bumper$209.46
JYYN71170-SM5-A02 + Absorber, Front Bumper$62.07
JYYY71530-SH4-A01 + Beam, Rear Bumper$314.46
JYYK71170-S00-A01 + Absorber, Front Bumper$72.42
JYYD71140-SDA-A10 + Beam, R Front Bumper (Upper)$19.87
JYYP71193-SNA-A02 + Spacer, R Front Bumper Side$1.43
JYY571598-SL4-013 + Spacer, Bumper Side$2.98
JYYV71530-S84-A00ZZ + Beam, Rear Bumper$217.49
JYY871800-SY8-A00 + Garnish Assembly, R Side Sill$207.23
JYY371593-SNA-A02 + Spacer, R Rear Bumper Side$5.23
JYYI71145-SX0-A02 + Base, Front License Plate$33.90
JYYE71141-S01-A01 + Stiffener, R Front Bumper Side$41.68
JYYO71190-SDA-A10 + Beam, L Front Bumper (Upper)$19.87
JYYW71530-SDA-A01ZZ + Beam, Rear Bumper$166.81
JYYT71510-S9V-A00ZA + Step, Rear Bumper *NH622* (Dark Gray)$45.23
JYYZ71570-S01-A00 + Absorber, Rear Bumper$86.04
JYY971969-SA7-890 + Wrench, Sunroof$11.14
JYY771800-S9A-010 + Garnish Assembly, R Side Sill$159.27
JYYA71130-SR2-A03ZZ + Beam, Front Bumper$182.76
JYYF71143-SH3-A01 + Stay, Front Beam Center (Upper)$7.43
JYYU71530-S5D-A00ZZ + Beam, Rear Bumper$150.50
JYY171570-SM4-A02 + Absorber, Rear Bumper$77.87
JYY471598-S30-013 + Spacer Assembly, Rear Bumper Side$2.58
JYYB71140-S5D-A00 + Beam, R Front Bumper (Upper)$29.89
JYYX71530-SDN-A01ZZ + Beam, Rear Bumper$166.81
JYYM71170-S5A-A21 + Absorber, Front Bumper$76.70
JYY071570-S5D-A01 + Absorber, Rear Bumper$67.85
JYYH71145-SD4-671 + Frame, Front License Plate$28.71
JYKJ51393-SV1-A01 + Bush, Front Arm (Lower)$10.31
JYKS51401-SDA-A03 + Spring, Front$76.66
JYK251415-SB2-035 + Tube, R Torque (Nippon Hatsujo)$101.41
JYKL51393-SDA-A02 + Bush, Front Arm (Lower)$12.07
JYKG51391-SDA-A03 + Bush, Front Compliance$20.70
JYKC51360-S5A-A03 + Arm, L Front (Lower)$268.12
JYKQ51401-S87-A02 + Spring, Front (Showa)$111.38
JYK652338-SL0-003 + Circlip, Control Arm$4.35
JYKR51401-S5B-A13 + Spring, Front (Showa)$101.43
JYKN51401-S0X-306 + Spring Front$204.10
JYKY51401-SR0-E02 + Spring, Front (Nhk Spring)$126.17
JYKK51399-S0A-000 + Washer, Front Radius Rod$6.98
JYKD51355-SE0-010 + Arm, R Front (Lower)$168.67
JYKP51401-S5A-A41 + Spring, Front (Showa)$71.59
JYK551464-S04-013 + Boot, Ball Joint (Upper)$2.90
JYKV51401-SHJ-A03 + Spring, R Front (White)$86.19
JYK851601-S5A-406 + S/ABS Assembly, R Front$377.04
JYK351450-S01-023 + Arm Assembly, R Front (Upper)$140.99
JYKI51393-S0X-A02 + Bush, Front Arm (Lower)$20.33
JYKE51365-SB0-010 + Arm, L Front (Lower)$80.80
JYKO51401-S5A-306 + Spring, Front$259.10
JYKW51401-SM1-A22 + Spring, Front (Rissc)$177.29
JYKT51401-SDB-A05 + Spring, Front$82.02
JYKZ51401-SNX-A02 + Spring, R Front$57.68
JYK951601-S9A-A08 + Shock Absorber Assembly, R Front$450.95
JYK751601-S0X-305 + Damper Assembly R Front$690.05
JYKA51352-SX0-013 + Rod, R Front Radius$62.30
JYKF51362-S87-A02 + Rod, L Front Radius$65.25
JYKU51401-SH9-J73 + Spring, Front$71.00
JYK151404-SJC-A03 + Rubber, L Front Spring (Lower)$26.55
JYK451450-SDA-A13 + Arm, R Front (Upper)$122.10
JYKB51355-SM4-040 + Arm, R Front (Lower)$195.19
JYKX51401-SM1-A32 + Spring, Front (Rockwell)$75.23
JYKM51401-S10-A22 + Spring, Front (Showa)$103.36
JYK051401-SR3-C01 + Spring, Front (Showa)$95.10
JYKH51393-S2A-020 + Nut, Self-Lock Cam (12MM)$22.07