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Honda Panel, R Side Sill, part #04631-SDA-305ZZ
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number: 04631-SDA-305ZZ
  • Part: Panel, R Side Sill
  • Replaces: 04631-SDA-A90ZZ, 04631-SDA-306ZZ
  • Price: $655.36

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2003HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX, EX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), EXL, EXL (NAVI), LX, LX (SIDE SRS), LX (V6)
2004HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, EX, EX (SIDE CURTAIN), EX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), EXL (NAVI), EXL (SIDE CURTAIN), LX, LX (SIDE SRS), LX (V6)
2005HondaACCORD SEDAN5 Speed Automatic, 5 Speed ManualDX, DX (VALUE PACKAGE), EX, EX (V6 NAVI), EX (V6), EXL, EXL (NAVI), LX, LX (V6)

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
JY4J74101-S10-010 + Fender, R Front (Inner)$79.57
JY4S74111-S01-A00 + Shield, Front Splash$96.79
JY4274120-SDA-A02 + Lock Assembly, Hood$66.42
JY4L74101-SJC-A01 + Fender, R Front (Inner)$59.59
JY4G73820-SE0-013 + Garnish, R Rear Pillar$68.59
JY4C73511-SX0-Y02 + Glass, R Quarter$487.20
JY4Q74110-SR3-A01 + Extension Assembly, Splash Shield$153.47
JY4674130-S01-A01 + Wire Assembly, Hood$20.69
JY4R74105-SJC-A01 + Fairing, R Front Fender$76.46
JY4N74101-SX0-020 + Fender, R Front (Inner)$70.97
JY4Y74120-S01-A03 + Lock Assembly, Hood (Ktm Locks)$88.74
JY4K74101-S5A-J01 + Fender, R Front (Inner)$53.46
JY4D73520-S0X-A02 + Opener, R Quarter Vent$94.68
JY4P74105-SDA-A00 + Enclosure, R Front Fender$14.64
JY4574120-SR3-A01 + Lock Assembly, Hood$56.85
JY4V74111-S9A-010 + Shield, Front Splash$109.04
JY4874130-S5D-A01ZA + Wire Assembly, Hood *NH1L* (Black)$11.81
JY4374120-SH3-003 + Lock Assembly, Hood$31.91
JY4I74101-S04-010 + Fender, R Front (Inner)$55.85
JY4E73560-SCV-A11 + Glass Set, L Quarter (Privacy) (Aptech)$369.04
JY4O74105-S9A-000 + Fairing, R Front Fender$14.09
JY4W74112-S2A-010 + Cover, Front (Lower)$68.53
JY4T74111-S3V-A01 + Shield, Front Splash$60.44
JY4Z74120-S10-A02 + Lock Assembly, Hood$59.27
JY4974130-S9A-A01ZA + Wire Assembly, Hood *NH167L* (Graphite Black)$36.31
JY4774130-S10-A11ZB + Wire Assembly, Hood *NH264L* (Classy Gray)$37.11
JY4A73511-S9A-305 + Glass Set, R Quarter (Green)(Nippon Sheet Glass)$369.94
JY4F73810-S03-003 + Garnish Assembly, R Quarter$21.53
JY4U74111-SDA-A00 + Shield, Front Splash$56.36
JY4174120-SCV-A01 + Lock Assembly, Hood$77.58
JY4474120-SNA-A21 + Lock Assembly, Hood (Security Switch)$79.37
JY4B73511-SHJ-A02 + Glass Set, R Quarter (Privacy)(AGC)$313.14
JY4X74115-SH3-010 + Splash Guard, R Front$72.45
JY4M74101-SM4-010 + Fender, R Front (Inner)$88.68
JY4074120-S9V-A02 + Lock Assembly, Hood (Security)$165.76
JY4H73826-SA6-670ZM + Lining, R Center Pillar (Upper) *NH68L* (Juno Gray)$24.65
JYBJ39100-S9A-A51 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (40WX4) (Alpine)$1,493.43
JYBS39120-S5P-A01 + Speaker Assembly (Tweeter) (Pioneer)$18.52
JYB239120-SDA-A12 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single) (Matsushita)$32.46
JYBL39100-SHJ-A02 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (30WX4) (Clarion)$787.21
JYBG39100-S5A-A02ZA + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (20WX4) *NH365L* (Matsushita) (Black Metallic)$335.40
JYBC39050-SDA-L41ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Navigation) (Black Metallic)$3,752.94
JYBQ39116-SD4-010ZA + Pocket, Auto Radio$49.38
JYB639120-SMG-E02 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single)(Pp) (Denso)$67.58
JYBR39120-S04-A01 + Speaker Assembly (16CM) (Single Cone) (Pioneer)$14.43
JYBN39100-SX0-A11 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (Pioneer)$1,384.32
JYBY39120-S5A-962 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single)(Rear) (Matsushita)$17.70
JYBK39100-SV4-A01 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (12.5WX4) (Alpine)$713.71
JYBD39050-SDA-A31ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$1,931.20
JYBP39111-S0X-A11 + Bracket, R Radio (Navigation)$247.48
JYB539120-SDN-A82 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single) (Matsushita)$92.59
JYBV39120-S1A-G11 + Speaker Assembly (16CM) (Single Cone) (Matsushita)$50.65
JYB839150-S10-A12 + Antenna Assembly, Auto Radio$63.84
JYB339120-SDA-A61 + Speaker Assembly, Tweeter (Matsushita)$18.04
JYBI39100-S82-A22 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (20WX4) (Alpine)$607.87
JYBE39050-SDN-A31ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$1,993.05
JYBO39103-SDA-A11ZB + Knob Assembly, Volume Dial *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$17.26
JYBW39120-S2G-003 + Speaker Assembly (6.5" Dual Cone)$71.43
JYBT39120-SDA-A41 + Speaker Assembly (6"X9") (Single)(Pioneer)$12.50
JYBZ39120-S9V-A21 + Speaker Assembly (250MM) (Alpine)$118.21
JYB939150-S01-A02 + Antenna Assembly, Auto Radio$36.29
JYB739120-SV4-A51 + Speaker Unit (160MM Dual Cone)(Pioneer)$14.85
JYBA39050-SDA-L51ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$2,578.97
JYBF39100-S0X-A13 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (20WX4) (Clarion)$467.92
JYBU39120-S0A-013 + Speaker Assembly (16CM Dual) (Pioneer)$19.48
JYB139120-SEL-902 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single)(Front) (Matsushita)$79.11
JYB439120-SDA-A52 + Speaker Assembly (6"X9") (Single)(Matsushita)$21.86
JYBB39050-SDA-A62ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$857.77
JYBX39120-S2A-901 + Speaker Assembly (Matsushita) (16CM Single Cone)$71.95
JYBM39100-SR2-A00 + Tuner Assembly$2,080.46
JYB039120-S5A-961 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single)(Rear) (Pioneer)$16.60
JYBH39100-S82-A03 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (20WX4) (Clalion)$497.85
JYXJ70200-S9A-J01 + Glass Assembly, Roof$350.27
JYXS70338-SR3-013 + Slider, L$5.76
JYX271101-SE5-A00 + Face, Front Bumper$460.14
JYXL70200-SJC-A02 + Glass Assembly, Roof$372.08
JYXG70200-S01-A01 + Glass Assembly, Roof$508.21
JYXC70060-SM4-010 + Tube, Rear Drain (Sunroof)$18.25
JYXQ70260-SB0-663ZZ + Frame, L Rear$179.25
JYX671110-S6A-E01 + Air Spoiler, Front Bp$103.27
JYXR70336-S30-J11 + Stay, L Panel$72.90
JYXN70200-SM4-000 + Glass Assembly, Roof (Sunroof)$560.60
JYXY70600-SJC-A02ZA + Sunshade *G66L*$200.61
JYXK70200-SDC-305 + Glass Assembly, Sunroof$636.16
JYXD70060-SNA-A01 + Tube, Rear Drain (Sunroof)$7.81
JYXP70220-SB4-661ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$111.38
JYX571108-S2A-010 + Seal, Front Bumper$25.48
JYXV70480-SB6-671ZZ + Gutter, L Rear$40.18
JYX871120-S30-003ZB + Grille, Front Bumper *NH72* (Black Gloss 30)$128.13
JYX371106-SDR-A10 + Guide, Front Bumper Air$37.79
JYXI70200-S5S-305 + Set, Roof Glass$318.93
JYXE70062-S84-A00 + Valve, Rear Drain (Sunroof)$3.71
JYXO79211-S0X-A51 + Gasket C$28.22
JYXW70570-SB4-661ZZ + Panel, R Rear (Inner)$98.47
JYXT70414-SB6-310ZZ + Gutter, L Roof Side$30.56
JYXZ70635-SF1-010 + Cover, L Rail$9.09
JYX971121-S00-A01ZL + Base, Front Grille *NH533* (Bumper Dark Gray)$37.14
JYX771110-SNA-A90 + Spoiler, Front Bumper Air$80.00
JYXA69100-S2A-901ZZ + Panel, Hardtop$3,387.80
JYXF70200-S5A-J33 + Glass Assembly, Roof$638.06
JYXU70450-SVA-A02 + Motor Assembly, Sunroof$391.42
JYX170690-SB0-671ZZ + Wheelhouse, L Rear$114.32
JYX471106-SH2-A02 + Bracket, Front License Plate$5.66
JYXB70052-S30-000 + Valve, Front Drain (Sunroof)$10.77
JYXX70600-S9A-J01ZA + Sunshade Assembly, Sunroof *NH425L* (Light Seagull Gray)$378.72
JYXM70200-SV4-J01 + Glass Assembly, Roof (Sunroof)$713.54
JYX070670-SA6-673ZZ + Panel, L Rear (Inner)$258.15
JYXH70200-S5P-A02 + Glass Assembly, Roof$638.06