JU - Panel, R Side Sill, OEM Honda part #04631-S9V-A12ZZ

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Honda Panel, R Side Sill, part #04631-S9V-A12ZZ
  • Manufactured: Honda
  • Part number: 04631-S9V-A12ZZ
  • Part: Panel, R Side Sill
  • Replaces: 04631-S9V-A80ZZ, 04631-S9V-A11ZZ
  • Price: $751.51

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2003HondaPILOT 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEX, EXL, EXL (NAVI), EXL (RES), LX
2004HondaPILOT 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEX, EXL, EXL (NAVI), EXL (RES), LX
2005HondaPILOT 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEX, EXL, EXL (NAVI), EXL (RES), LX
2006HondaPILOT 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEX (2WD), EX (4WD), EXL (2WD NAVI), EXL (2WD RES), EXL (2WD), EXL (4WD NAVI), EXL (4WD RES), EXL (4WD), LX (2WD), LX (4WD)
2007HondaPILOT 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEX (2WD), EX (4WD), EXL (2WD NAVI), EXL (2WD RES), EXL (2WD), EXL (4WD NAVI), EXL (4WD RES), EXL (4WD), LX (2WD), LX (4WD)
2008HondaPILOT 5-DOOR5 Speed AutomaticEX (2WD), EX (4WD), EX-SE (2WD), EX-SE (4WD), EXL (2WD NAVI), EXL (2WD RES), EXL (2WD), EXL (4WD NAVI), EXL (4WD RES), EXL (4WD), LX-VP (2WD), LX-VP (4WD)

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JUJY39120-S5A-962 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single)(Rear) (Matsushita)$17.70
JUJK39100-SV4-A01 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (12.5WX4) (Alpine)$713.71
JUJD39050-SDA-A31ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$1,931.20
JUJP39111-S0X-A11 + Bracket, R Radio (Navigation)$247.48
JUJ539120-SDN-A82 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single) (Matsushita)$92.59
JUJV39120-S1A-G11 + Speaker Assembly (16CM) (Single Cone) (Matsushita)$50.65
JUJ839150-S10-A12 + Antenna Assembly, Auto Radio$63.84
JUJ339120-SDA-A61 + Speaker Assembly, Tweeter (Matsushita)$18.04
JUJI39100-S82-A22 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (20WX4) (Alpine)$607.87
JUJE39050-SDN-A31ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$1,993.05
JUJO39103-SDA-A11ZB + Knob Assembly, Volume Dial *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$17.26
JUJW39120-S2G-003 + Speaker Assembly (6.5" Dual Cone)$71.43
JUJT39120-SDA-A41 + Speaker Assembly (6"X9") (Single)(Pioneer)$12.50
JUJZ39120-S9V-A21 + Speaker Assembly (250MM) (Alpine)$118.21
JUJ939150-S01-A02 + Antenna Assembly, Auto Radio$36.29
JUJ739120-SV4-A51 + Speaker Unit (160MM Dual Cone)(Pioneer)$14.85
JUJA39050-SDA-L51ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$2,578.97
JUJF39100-S0X-A13 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (20WX4) (Clarion)$467.92
JUJU39120-S0A-013 + Speaker Assembly (16CM Dual) (Pioneer)$19.48
JUJ139120-SEL-902 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single)(Front) (Matsushita)$79.11
JUJ439120-SDA-A52 + Speaker Assembly (6"X9") (Single)(Matsushita)$21.86
JUJB39050-SDA-A62ZA + Module Assembly, Center *NH482L* (Black Metallic)$857.77
JUJX39120-S2A-901 + Speaker Assembly (Matsushita) (16CM Single Cone)$71.95
JUJM39100-SR2-A00 + Tuner Assembly$2,080.46
JUJ039120-S5A-961 + Speaker Assembly (17CM) (Single)(Rear) (Pioneer)$16.60
JUJH39100-S82-A03 + Tuner Assembly, Auto Radio (20WX4) (Clalion)$497.85
JUSJ51393-SV1-A01 + Bush, Front Arm (Lower)$10.31
JUSS51401-SDA-A03 + Spring, Front$76.66
JUS251415-SB2-035 + Tube, R Torque (Nippon Hatsujo)$101.41
JUSL51393-SDA-A02 + Bush, Front Arm (Lower)$12.07
JUSG51391-SDA-A03 + Bush, Front Compliance$20.70
JUSC51360-S5A-A03 + Arm, L Front (Lower)$268.12
JUSQ51401-S87-A02 + Spring, Front (Showa)$111.38
JUS652338-SL0-003 + Circlip, Control Arm$4.35
JUSR51401-S5B-A13 + Spring, Front (Showa)$101.43
JUSN51401-S0X-306 + Spring Front$204.10
JUSY51401-SR0-E02 + Spring, Front (Nhk Spring)$126.17
JUSK51399-S0A-000 + Washer, Front Radius Rod$6.98
JUSD51355-SE0-010 + Arm, R Front (Lower)$168.67
JUSP51401-S5A-A41 + Spring, Front (Showa)$71.59
JUS551464-S04-013 + Boot, Ball Joint (Upper)$2.90
JUSV51401-SHJ-A03 + Spring, R Front (White)$86.19
JUS851601-S5A-406 + S/ABS Assembly, R Front$377.04
JUS351450-S01-023 + Arm Assembly, R Front (Upper)$140.99
JUSI51393-S0X-A02 + Bush, Front Arm (Lower)$20.33
JUSE51365-SB0-010 + Arm, L Front (Lower)$80.80
JUSO51401-S5A-306 + Spring, Front$259.10
JUSW51401-SM1-A22 + Spring, Front (Rissc)$177.29
JUST51401-SDB-A05 + Spring, Front$82.02
JUSZ51401-SNX-A02 + Spring, R Front$57.68
JUS951601-S9A-A08 + Shock Absorber Assembly, R Front$450.95
JUS751601-S0X-305 + Damper Assembly R Front$690.05
JUSA51352-SX0-013 + Rod, R Front Radius$62.30
JUSF51362-S87-A02 + Rod, L Front Radius$65.25
JUSU51401-SH9-J73 + Spring, Front$71.00
JUS151404-SJC-A03 + Rubber, L Front Spring (Lower)$26.55
JUS451450-SDA-A13 + Arm, R Front (Upper)$122.10
JUSB51355-SM4-040 + Arm, R Front (Lower)$195.19
JUSX51401-SM1-A32 + Spring, Front (Rockwell)$75.23
JUSM51401-S10-A22 + Spring, Front (Showa)$103.36
JUS051401-SR3-C01 + Spring, Front (Showa)$95.10
JUSH51393-S2A-020 + Nut, Self-Lock Cam (12MM)$22.07
JU2J65190-S01-A91ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$69.05
JU2S65610-S0X-A01ZZ + Frame, R Rear$801.75
JU2265660-S10-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$432.49
JU2L65190-SCV-305ZZ + Sill Comp L, Front In$129.74
JU2G65190-S00-A01ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$60.56
JU2C65140-SR0-A01ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$133.55
JU2Q65525-S10-310ZZ + Cross-member, Rear Center (Upper)$29.15
JU2665660-S9V-A02ZZ + Frame, L Rear$549.70
JU2R65610-S00-A01ZZ + Frame, R Rear$350.46
JU2N65510-S2A-A02ZZ + Floor, Rear$664.43
JU2Y65612-S0X-A01ZZ + Outrigger, R Rear Side Frame$21.00
JU2K65190-SH2-A51ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$99.50
JU2D65140-SR8-A01ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$66.78
JU2P65517-S2A-A01ZZ + Pan, Baggage$156.03
JU2565660-S5T-A01ZZ + Frame, L Rear$1,094.82
JU2V65610-SV4-306ZZ + Frame R, Rear$596.02
JU2865676-SJC-A01ZZ + Flange, L Rear Floor Frame End$26.72
JU2365660-S04-Q03ZZ + Frame, L Rear$328.56
JU2I65190-S4K-A01ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$182.45
JU2E65141-S5D-A00ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$114.54
JU2O65513-SE0-A01ZZ + Stiffener, Rear Jack$41.18
JU2W65610-SV5-305ZZ + Frame, R Rear$76.76
JU2T65610-S84-A00ZZ + Frame, R Rear$595.17
JU2Z65617-S5B-A01ZZ + Frame B, Rear$51.75
JU2965690-S01-A00ZZ + Extension, L Side Sill$121.38
JU2765670-SH5-A01ZZ + Outrigger, L Middle Cross-member$44.55
JU2A65140-S82-A01ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$380.53
JU2F65169-S9V-A00ZZ + Stiffener, L Floor Panel$109.47
JU2U65610-S9A-A10ZZ + Frame, R Rear$527.58
JU2165660-S01-A03ZZ + Frame, L Rear$349.38
JU2465660-S2A-306ZZ + Frame, L Rear$799.35
JU2B65140-SDN-A31ZZ + Sill, R Front Inside$281.67
JU2X65611-S2A-306ZZ + Frame, R Rear$179.91
JU2M65190-SVA-A02ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$783.89
JU2065640-S00-A01ZZ + Extension, R Side Sill$117.32
JU2H65190-S84-A02ZZ + Sill, L Front Inside$337.82